Let’s Get You Some Sovereignty!

All plans come with full Federated Core, all services, unlimited users, human support, backups/restores, and our award-winning Federated support. You can buy Federated Core with fiat or bitcoin.

You’ll received a “temporary” domain to test, copy over data, emails, photos, everything, before you switch over to your “real” domain. Everything “just works”.


Select the “Buy Now” text for the time period you want for your subscription.

Federated Core Monthly Annual Two-Year Lifetime
$39 $390 (2 mos free) $624 (8 mos free) $1101 (!!!)
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Software Included Email, Nextcloud, Jitsi, Matrix, Listmonk, Bitwarden, VPN, SSO, Caddy, Gitea, Baserow, Castopod, Wordpress. Same as Monthly Same as Monthly Same as Monthly
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Backups Included Included Included Included
Human Support With a smile With a smile With a smile With a smile


If you would like to pay with bitcoin, we’re down. Please select the link for the time-period you want. Features, backups, human support are exactly the same as for $USD pricing.

Federated Core Monthly Annual Two-Year Lifetime
$BTC 0.00156 $BTC 0.0156 (2 mos free) $BTC 0.02496 (8 mos free) $BTC 0.04404 (!!!)
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When you purchase…

We will send you an email with Federated Core set up under a temporary domain name. It is fully functional, allows you to copy things over before moving your domain over. Federated works with your every step of the way and we can handle “unique” DNS requirements. Just ask.


You can cancel your plan at any time.

Lifetime Plan

Some things are forever…or, at the very least, five years! Our five year plan allows you to set it an forget it. You’ll get thirty two months for free (over five years), membership in the Federated bonus pool (access to bitcoin benefits starting in 2024 equivalent to 10% off bitcoiin spot price), and a Federated “Centralization Sucks” belt buckle. This is a limited time, launch celebration offer. Cancel at any time. We will refund the balance of your plan (beyond the current month).

Human Service

When you sign up for Federated Core, we give you a temporary domain so that you can get to know the service(s), copy data over from your old service(s), and generally take things at your own pace. We are happy to support you at every step along the way whether you’re just starting out fresh, coming over from Google Workplace, Office365, or some other place or provider.

Thank You

These are introductory prices. Lock in for the life of your subscription now. We appreciate your support of Federated Computer. Welcome to the family.