Featured Projects


Federated loves projects working to free us all from the surveillance and tyranny of our digital overlords. Here is a partial list of some of the important components in our integrated, cloud-first solution. You can think of Federated as both industry-leading, automated management of Customer installations, but also, like a Linux distribution, a well-thought-out collection and integration of best-of-breed open-source solutions available today.


Nextcloud is a core-component of the Federated Computer solution. Built as an open-source productivity suite, there are Nextcloud solutions for reading email, calendaring, team management, note taking, project management, and an application store for hundreds of additional solutions. Federated Computer has packaged the Nextcloud experience into a seamless experience for our Customers.


Jitsi is the industry-leading open-source solution for video-conferencing and team chat. Used by companies like Brave, Federated Computer has integrated Jitsi to work seamlessly with Nextcloud and the other components of the Federated suite.


Who says self-hosted email doesn’t work? Mail-in-a-box is purpose built for mail infrastructure for small groups with built in spam protection (that works) and the ability to get the big boys of mail (ahem, Google) to accept our self-hosted mail and deliver it to the world. Federated has integrated the user accounts and permissions in Mail-in-a-box to the rest of the Federated suite.

Lightning Payments

Every Federated Customer gets a Lightning Payment node allowing them to use Bitcoin for day-to-day payments and complete protection for the intrusive surveillance of the big payment companies and their technology partners. Federated has deeply integrated Lightning into our solution bringing ease-of-use, for the first time, to the king cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

It’s important today, more than ever, that Customers and developers work together to build pathways away from digital slvery to digital freedom.

Don’t see a favorite project in the mix? We use many different components in our solution. This is just a highlight reel. Reach out, let’s talk!

Federated Computer is committed to maintaining all of its code out in the open under the least restrictive licenses. We want Customers and Developers to have the freedom to run code and solutions anywhere they want…even if we think our take is best. We will be open-sourcing our platform, glue code, and additional key components just prior to when we reach general availability.


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