Early Access


Parts or whole of the Federated suite is used by privacy-loving early adoptors in departments and workgroups at these companies and institutions, among others 😘:

You can also get early access to the Federated suite. It’s battle-tested, secure, safe. Just not feature-complete and not everything has been fully integrated. But it works on the web and with all your favorite “fat” clients such as mail.app, calendar.app, Windows Mail.

If you’d like to get in on our early access program, send us some information about your organization to earlyaccess@federated.company. At the moment, we are only accepting customers at the $25/month tier which should be more than fine for a workgroup of 3-5 people. You get email, calendar, contacts…video conferencing…password managment and a whole lot more. We’ll tell you what’s on the menu when we touch base. Again, not everything is fully integrated, but it all works and you’ll get exceptional, personal customer support.

You will have our eternal thanks for your participation in the early access program. When Federated reaches general availability, you can earn access to the $100/month tier (good for a department) for “life” by having five of your friends or colleagues sign up for the $25/month tier or higher for 12 months during the “early access” period. (“Life”, for us, means 10 years…we’re old souls.)


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