Federated Computer is proudly located in Colorado Springs in the great state of Colorado under the majestic heights of Pikes Peak. We embrace the values of those who went before us here for full choice, freedom and respect for the people and places around us.

Federated Computer was founded by pioneers in cloud computing who worked side-by-side at Joyent building one of the first and most consequential cloud companies.

Federated Computer is hiring talented individuals who are experts in their respective fields and who are excited and passionate about our project to bring freedom to Customers everywhere. If you’d like to talk about joining, please send your resume and a cover letter to jobs@federated.company and we will be in touch. Promise. No recruiters, please. Federated Computer is an equal-opportunity company.

Federated is fully committed to open source as a movement, way of life, and company mission. We have been at the forefront of open-sourcing projects such as node.js, technologies for storage services, containers, cloud operating systems, and much more. We don’t have enough, today, to meaningfully contribute to the community, but that will happen prior to our general release.

We welcome the chance to work with companies providing hosting and other open-source software and services. Please get in touch with us at partners@federated.company so that we can talk.

Join us for the first Federation Conference in 2023 a free-wheeling meet-up to gather software freedom lovers from around the world. It will be held in Colorado Springs, Co. Send us email to info@federated.company to be notified of further details as they become available.

Email: info@federated.company.

🐳 Twitter: @federatedcompu πŸ‘‘ Careers: jobs@federated.company 🎏 Partners and Resellers: partners@federated.company


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